Installed at Museum Villa Rot, Germany for 'Hunters and Hunted'. Taxidermy bird, bones, insects, arachnids, plant roots, hedgehog and porcupine spines, snail shells.
 Image copyright Thierry Bal  Commissioned for  Flights of Fancy  at Tatton Park Biennial.  Taxidermy rat and mice, crab claws, worm shells, bones, sea urchins, electronic components, aluminium, ash, foil, portuegeuse man o war polyps, gold leaf, insects, arachnids, engraved dog tag.
 Installed at Viktor Wynd Fine Art, London. Taxidermy swan, Venus flower baskets, bones, bird skeletons, insects, arachnids, plant roots, wasp nest, wormshells, seahorses.
 Commissioned by Meadow Arts for  'for House of Beasts' Attingham Park, Shewsbury. Glass domes, sculpey, mole skin, bones, insects, plant roots, snail shells, beeswax, duck egg.   Slugs, snails, caterpillars and other pests have found their way into the greenhouses at Attingham. However all is not as it seems; there are other interlopers present.    
 Commissioned for 'Extraordinary Measures' Belsay Hall (English Heritage), Northumberland.   A symbiotic relationship has developed between the grey squirrels of the north and the fairies. Grey squirrels were introduced from America and caused our native red squirrels to decline. The grey squirrels are now being persecuted and culled in order to preserve the remaining red squirrels (that are in the North of England and Scotland). In a backlash the fairies and the greys attack and predate upon the red squirrels and other fauna around them.    See also  The Den Of Inquity
 Dessicated rat, dessicated mouse, wasp nest, dried worm, insects, plant roots,
 Work made during a residency at The Natural History Museum, London in 2007.  See also  An Insidious Intrusion
 Insects, arachnids, plant roots.